Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tools for SOC Team Members

There are a couple of new tools we would like everyone to know about in your marketing efforts. Tommy Wyatt & Curtis Lewsey, two top SOC Leaders and Eagles have added an 800 number that is being piloted on the East Coast. It is about 7 minutes in length and can be a great way to introduce someone to SOC. Call the number yourself before you give it out, just so you will know the content and the context. 1-800-985-1812.

I also recently attended an event by "Big Al", Tom Schneider, who is a MLM industry leader and trainer. He worked with us to create a "story" that we can use when we want to share the SOC Opportunity with someone. There is a lot of psychology in this script, so it has been crafted, based on subconscious fears and desires people have about MLM, making money, fear of failure, etc. It might not resonate with you at all, but again, it might! Feel free to try it out.

One of the things that I love about SOC is that there are so many ways to build your business. Some people go to a lot of networking meetings, and some go to none. Some hold gatherings in their home, and others build their business strictly over the phone. As a company, SOC continues to provide us with outstanding tools, such as the Opportunity DVDs, the website walk-throughs, the Treat 'Em Rights, the Daily 8 system ( and so much more.

In addition, we have some wonderful websites available to us with recorded calls, documents and other resources we can use to grow our business. Here are a few of my favorites: (password is "thecoolbuzz") - this is Jordan Adler's site (password is "eaglestraining") - this is Kathy Paauw's newer site (login on the left where it says "Distributors Only" - the userid is "distributors" and the password is "only") - this is Kathy Paauw's original site (password is "thepackardteam") - Jim, Jeff & Adam Packard's site

Do you need some ideas on Card Campaigns? Don't want to re-invent the wheel? There are two repositories of campaigns that others have done. You DO NOT want to edit any campaigns in these accounts, but go look at them and then "share" the ones you like into your own SOC account, where you can make your edits. Go to and use the following login information: - log in with "allcampaigns" as the userid and "12345" as the password
(these campaigns have been created by SOC reps over the years) - log in with "oprius1" as the userid and "12345" as the password
(these campaigns were created by Kathy Paauw, Cathy Hazelrigg & other's on Kathy's team)

You will need to click on (View/Edit) to view the campaign cards, but just don't make any changes to them! You will see a spot next to "View/Edit" where you can "Share" the campaign - enter your own Userid in there and hit "Share Campaign". When you log back into your account and go to Campaigns, you will see a message that says "Someone has sent you a campaign". If you click on "Accept", it will add that campaign to your bank of campaigns. I LOVE this feature in our Contact Manager! You can also do the same thing with a contact or a group of contacts. I have many times "shared" my BNI contacts with a new user/distributor in my BNI group who gets a SOC account. Another value add service we can provide!

Well, that is enough for now. Use the tools!

We will continue to add many resources for our team. Let us know when you want to add resources as well!

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